In No Man's Land was born from a long internet collaboration between two independent musicians: 240bpm and Flavour. The project focuses on the relationship between the finite and the infinite. There are therefore two perspectives, two points of observation; the first one relates to individuality, the human being separated from the rest of humanity, while the other one belongs to an universal, metaphysical dimension: the point of observation of the Being, of the All.

On the one hand, processes are described from the point of view of those who live only the time of their life and the temporal and ephemeral dimensions of the human are described; on the other hand, we have tried to listen to the voice of Being, self-aware of his immutable eternity. So the project alternates sung pop, rock and psychedelic style tracks, close to rarefied soundscapes and instrumental and ambient tracks.

" You do not have a soul, you are a soul. YOU HAVE A BODY " c.S. LEWIS